cattle bush

cattle bush
кетл буш (различные виды австралийских деревьев и кустарников, кот. могут служить пищей для скота в засуху)

Australia and New Zealand. English-Russian dictionary of regional studies. 2014.

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  • cattle bush — /ˈkætl bʊʃ / (say katl boosh) noun any of various Australian trees or shrubs on which cattle may feed in drought periods …  

  • Bush Heritage Australia — is a non profit organisation based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia that operates throughout Australia. It was previously known as the Australian Bush Heritage Fund, which is still its legal name. It purchases land, assessed as being of… …   Wikipedia

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  • bush cattle — /bʊʃ ˈkætl/ (say boosh katl) noun (used with a plural verb) cattle that range untended in the bush …  

  • bush regeneration — /bʊʃ rədʒɛnəˈreɪʃən/ (say boosh ruhjenuh rayshuhn) noun the regeneration of areas of bush in which the native flora has been supplanted by exotic species, or destroyed, either by encouraging the bush to regenerate itself (see Bradley method) or… …  

  • bush-bash — /ˈbʊʃ bæʃ/ (say boosh bash) verb (i) 1. Also, scrub bash. to flatten bush or scrub in the course of some activity such as clearing the land for farming, preparing for a track, path, etc., or chasing stray cattle on horseback. 2. (in bushwalking)… …  

  • bush telegraph — noun a) A system used by undeveloped societies in remote regions for communication over long distances, such as drum sounds, word of mouth relay, or smoke signals. When I was born, family and friends came …   Wiktionary

  • bush sickness — /ˈbʊʃ sɪknəs/ (say boosh siknuhs) noun a loss of vigour and weight ultimately leading to death in sheep, cattle, and goats, due to mineral deficiency in pastures growing in soil deficient in certain trace elements …  

  • cattle sickness — /ˈkætl sɪknəs/ (say katl siknuhs) noun → bush sickness …  

  • bush fly — noun : any of several small flies related to the housefly that are often extremely abundant in pastoral parts of Australia and that swarm over cattle and other animals …   Useful english dictionary

  • bush tick — noun : a tick (Haemaphysalis bispinosa) common on cattle in Australia …   Useful english dictionary

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